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Reasons Why You Should Keep a Food Journal:

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

  1. To keep track of what you’re eating and drinking (those little extras add up!)

  2. To be accountable! Research shows those who food journal lose more weight than their non-journaling counterparts.

  3. To track your behaviors and see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

  4. To track eating for reasons other than nutrition — stress, emotions, mood, holidays, travels and more!

Printable Food Journal:

How to keep a food Journal:

Write down what you eat on three weekdays and one weekend day, using the following guidelines:

  • Record everything you eat and drink immediately.

  • Note what you're doing while you're eating―driving, watching TV, etc.

  • Describe how you felt while you ate: angry, sad, happy, nervous, starving, bored?

  • Be honest. It's a journal, not a newsletter, and no one has to see it but you.

  • At the end of each day, examine how your emotions affected your eating.

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