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Testimonials from Clients

Completely satisfied

Working with Susan was great! After our consultation, she created a plan that was completely individualized to my needs and preferences. Plus, she taught me how to eat well without feeling like I was depriving myself—something I’ve never experienced when I tried other diets and plans. In fact, I was able to reach my goals without feeling like I was on a diet. Susan is extremely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.

-       Marla M

Susan really knows her stuff

Susan is REALLY up on the research and provides her clients great information. When I didn’t understand why she suggested something (for example, cooking with olive oil instead of soybean oil), she gave me all the background and research details. Plus, she explains things so clearly that it’s easy to understand and remember. I highly recommend Susan!

-       Barbara H


Susan helped me achieve my health and diet goals

Following an unexpected cardiac bypass operation, I had some major decisions to make about my diet and lifestyle. Unfortunately, a lot of the information I was provided was confusing and even contradictory. Different sources recommended everything from simply cutting out specific foods to becoming a vegan. With Susan’s help and advice, I realized that a Mediterranean diet would provide optimal nutritional benefits with tasty, interesting food that didn’t make me feel like I was missing out on old favorites. By working with Susan, I’ve achieved my health and diet goals, and I feel great!

-     Charles K

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